Cases of emergency or any kind of danger at work is considered when there is leaking fuel, oil or other chemicals.


In such cases, we follow the procedure below:

  • Interruption of any work
  • Immediate notification of the company responsible for the problem resulting
  • The responsible company makes spot assessment of the problem and reduce pollution
  • Depending on the size of the problem, the Environmental Agency is informed
  • Enter the file of environmental accidents


Also, an extraordinary incident is the fire. If we have such incident, we followed the procedures below:


  • He who locates the fire immediately yells loudly Fire - Fire
  • Becomes interruption of any work
  • All those present in the area stop any work done and quickly estimate the size of the fire
  • If the fire can be treated with portable fire extinguishers, then this becomes the case
  • Updating of the fire department (112)
  • Complete the accident file and set pollution reduction measures wherever possible
In case of accident or rollover during transport, the company will arrange for the immediate restoration of the site.


The steps followed are:

  • The guide informs police, fire and removes passersby (if not injured)
  • Update and first aid in case of injuries
  • Information of the Company
  • The Department undertakes the cleaning the area (waste cleaning) where the accident occurred
  • Collection and waste is loaded on a second vehicle which will be sent by the company
  • Directorate representative Departure for coordinating activities and recording the event
  • The representative of the Directorate records the fact